A barnstorming addition to a home     by   Anna Hayes

22 August 2019

Barn doors are a popular option in tight spaces. One of the most popular additions to the interior design palette in recent years is the humble barn door. Aesthetically pleasing, they evoke a bygone era and are also great in a tight space where an in or outward swinging door is not practical...

A stepping stone to a stylish bathroom     by   Anna Hayes

22 August 2019

A selection of Natural Stone Bath Worx's products at the Home Show. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to freshen up your bathroom, stone design can be a winner for a number of reasons...


Make a splash with a Tank Wall     by   Anna Hayes

22 August 2019

Tank Walls are a stylish alternative to water tanks. Energy efficiency and sustainability are big buzz words in building that are here to stay. Leaving aside the benefits to the environment, embracing sustainable practices is also more cost efficient for the home owner...

Tiny hut makes big impression!     by   Anna Hayes

22 August 2019

An example of a garden bedroom in a Nordic Hut. A stroll through the Tiny House Expo drew a lot of attention and, along the way, the charming Nordic Hut on display resulted in serious ‘study envy’ for this writer!...

Melbourne home takes prestigious award     by   Anna Hayes

19 August 2019

Michael Ellis Architects' award winning beach house. A beach house overlooking the Bass Strait has won an award at the prestigious South East Master Builders Regional Building Awards...

Helpful Tips to Fix Your Clogged Toilet     by   Emma Sneddon

18 August 2019

At first, dealing with a blocked toilet might not seem like all that big a deal. Eventually, who have been through such an experience know how difficult and crucial it is to get the job done properly...

Top tips for renovating your home for resale- get the best bang for your buck     by   State Insurance

16 August 2019

If you buy a doer-upper with goals of resale to make money, then there’s some renovations that will make you money, and some that simply aren’t worth it. It’s a balancing act- and here’s how you can do it...

5 interview questions to ask a potential contractor     by   AMI NZ

16 August 2019

Finding the right contractor is half the battle won when it comes to renovating a home. Here’s how you can ensure you make the right choice. The idea of whipping up some fabulous meals in a newly renovated kitchen is delicious...

Top Tips To Ensure the Security of Your Home     by   Hudson Sydney

14 August 2019

Safeguarding your home’s interior and exterior are important. You want to feel safe at home and also when you’re away. With a few smart changes and upgrades, you can deter criminal activity and keep your property safe. Use these helpful tips to protect your home’s interior and exterior...

The Need For Glass Replacement     by   Oliva Wilson

12 August 2019

Today one finds extensive use of Glass in almost every sector. It is used for construction, in architecture, for making tableware and in packaging food items and drinks. Glass is also used for insulation, reinforcement and for making windows and facades in houses and buildings...


Get inspired at Melbourne Home Show     by   Anna Hayes

12 August 2019

Bright open-plan kitchen and living room. Planning a spring renovation? Maybe you’re in the middle of buying or building your own home, and looking for some inspiration? Or maybe you’re just a home improvement enthusiast, keen to keep up with the latest trends in the building and renovation market...

Amazing benefits of installing Double Glazing Windows in home     by   Weatherall Windows

06 August 2019

Why Sliding Doors Melbourne is a value-added solution for a home? So it uses superior double glazed technology to prevent heat from escaping your home in winter and keeping it out during summer...

7 Tips To Renovate Your Home This Summer     by   Aria Akachi

02 August 2019

There are several rentals out there in demand that has opened up the gates to the opportunities for the property owners out there with people who are moving almost inner of the cities...

Heat Up The Water With Solar Water Heating     by   Sonja Dewing

29 July 2019

The term solar indicates sunlight or energy or sun, and when it comes to Arizona solar water heating; it means it utilized sunlight to produce hot water. A solar water heater is made of solar thermal collectors and contains a storage tank to heat up the water and store...

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Electrician     by   Response Electricians - Your Perth Electrician

29 July 2019

It’s not wrong to say that our lives run on electricity. Electricity has become an indispensable part of our lives. When we look around our house, we see so many lights, outlets, switches, and other fixtures...

How roller shutters are valuable to maximize security and safety?     by   Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD

27 July 2019

In the last few years, it has been seen that the demand for roller shutter is increasing is a lot. Well, this is because of different factors or benefits which your place will get with the installation of the roller shutter. Below, are the reasons having roller shutter is valuable for your place...

How Can Sliding Doors Improve Your House Look?     by   Weatherall Windows

23 July 2019

For Ancient vintage or a modern one, the doors are always important…But the sliding doors Melbourne is trending now! While considering area potency, ancient hinged doors take up many feet of floor area, at that time you can get sliding one...

Build the Right Concrete Flooring in the Home     by   lily dalish

17 July 2019

Now day’s protecting the house, with a smart wall will add considerable value to the investment. When laying out patios, driveways or sidewalks, many people go for different concrete...


Secrets For Making Your Small Bathroom Feel Spacious     by   Sam Want

15 July 2019

If there’s one room in the house that is often treated as something purely functional in the design phase, it’s the bathroom. And yet, if there’s one room in the house that you’ll always wish was more spacious and decadent, it would also often be the bathroom...

Bathroom Maintenance Checklist – Make Your Bathroom Renovation Easy     by   Amara Smith

11 July 2019

The small bathrooms are the most fun when it comes to renovating. Precisely for that reason, due to its small size, it is necessary to put all the wood on the grill to squeeze it to the maximum. These examples show that everything is possible with a good organization...