10 Smart Home Gadgets that Will Change Your Life     by   Selby Acoustics

29 September 2018

Smart home technology is literally taking the market by storm. Smart home tech encompasses the tech market, security, home entertainment, energy efficiency markets, there are also many crossovers...

How to Ensure that Your Security Screen Door Is Up to the Job?     by   David Giltner

28 September 2018

In Australia, it is common to find several homes with security screen doors in a neighbourhood. After all, they provide efficient protection from pests and even enhance air circulation in their house during warm weather...

How Much a Home Renovation Can Really Cost     by   Derek Lotts

27 September 2018

Remodeling a home can often become messy, exhausting, and frustrating. Next to all the details you need to keep in mind, the final price is the last thing you want to change, since it is rarely lower than expected but very often much higher. So, how do you avoid such an unpleasant surprise?...

Few Things To Consider When Hiring A Custom Home Builders Melbourne     by   Rycon Building Group

25 September 2018

Nowadays, many people prefer building a custom home as they are interested in creating a place they can truly call their own. If you’re also thinking to build a custom home then you have to start hiring a builder among a set of custom home builders Melbourne available in the market...

From Pumpkin to Carriage - Getting a Good Home After a Bad One     by   Jennifer Albert

24 September 2018

As the single largest investment you will likely make in your lifetime, the importance of selecting a suitable home is of paramount importance. To anyone who has every mortgaged themselves to the hilt, only to find they had purchased a very expensive lemon, the scars linger...


Slip resistance coating for outdoor safety     by   BUILD

21 September 2018

Falls are the most common cause of injuries for children [1] , and a major health concern in general for all ages [2] . With this in mind, it’s important to make homes as safe as possible when undertaking renovation projects during spring...

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Facades to love     by    (not verified)

19 September 2018

The face of your home, the façade, is generated by a mix of colours, materials and textures and sets the scene for your interior selections to follow. Henley shares the top five facades and their features, with some how-to tips in creating a beautiful street presence...


4 Kitchen Trends That We Discovered In 2018     by   Adam Smith

11 September 2018

There is no doubt that the world is evolving at a rapid pace, and this is no different in the kitchen. Over the last year we have seen how the modern kitchen has evolved; more people rely on technology and gadgets these days, yet for many the kitchen remains the heart of the home...

House painting mistakes almost everyone makes     by   Jason Cini

07 September 2018

Whether you are planning to paint by yourself or engage help from outside, mistakes are bound to happen, especially for beginners. But by keeping a few simple tips in mind, the process can run a lot smoother, saving you time and energy...

Dulux Colour Forecast 2019     by   Adelle King

07 September 2018

Dulux has released its 2019 colour palettes, which have been devised through a prism of wellness, rejuvenation and environmental consciousness. The four palettes each celebrate the individual, acknowledge our past and embrace the natural world, and set the colour spectrums for the coming year...


Lost American buildings brought to life     by   Adelle King

06 September 2018

America is dotted with breathtaking architecture. From the iconic Metro Centre in D.C. to the jaw-dropping Central Library in Seattle, these buildings help tell the story of the cities that surround them. But what about the buildings that have been lost to history?...

The Cape will open its doors to help celebrate National Sustainable House Day      by   Adelle King

05 September 2018

One of Australia’s leading sustainable housing communities, The Cape , located on Victoria’s Bass Coast, will be celebrating National Sustainable House Day on Sunday 16 September, with events open to the public including talks from a range of sustainability experts, open homes and family activities...

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Grand entrance versatility     by    (not verified)

04 September 2018

Front doors are where people make their first impression of a home so you want yours to really make an entrance. Below, Sally Caroline interior designer Sally Klopper outlines her favourite looks that can be achieved using Corinthian Door’s new Blonde Oak collection styles...


Inspiring fictional architecture      by   Adelle King

03 September 2018

From Game of Throne to Harry Potter, fictional architecture can be pretty inspiring and has even been behind the creativity of buildings around the world, including a Star Wars-inspired house in South Korea...