Cleaning Do and Don't for Laminated Doors

15 August 2018

Laminate kitchen cabinet doors have been popular for years, but they often have a bad reputation for continuing to look good. However, much of this is due to improper cleaning that can compromise the integrity of the finish and leave it vulnerable to further damage. So, here we’ll explore some cleaning dos and don'ts so you can properly care for your laminated doors.


Do Wipe Spills Immediately:


It’s almost inevitable in a kitchen that there will be spills. However, whether one of the children spilling juice or you’ve got a bit carried away preparing a culinary experiment, it is vital that any spills are wiped up immediately. Allowing a spill to dry and stick to your laminated kitchen door can create a stain or could even damage the finish. Sticky spills can be particularly problematic, so keep a damp cloth on hand and wipe any food or drink spills as soon as possible.


Do Use Warm Soapy Water:


Warm, soapy water is the best choice for your general cleaning. If you use this on a regular basis to wipe down your laminate kitchen cabinet doors, you should be able to get rid of any accumulation of dirt before it can develop into a problem. Just be sure to wring out your cloth as much as possible to avoid excessive amounts of water coming into contact with the laminate.


Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaners:


Even mildly abrasive cleaning products or powders can have a terrible effect on your laminated doors. Your laminated doors manufacturer is likely to have recommended a cleaning product for stubborn marks and stains, so be sure to follow their advice. Using an abrasive cleaner can scratch the laminate, and this will allow dirt and debris to infiltrate the door and cause further damage. Remember that laminated doors are scratch resistant rather than scratch proof, so choose your cleaning products with care.


Don’t Overlook the Soft Cloth:


When cleaning, remember that a soft cloth is always the best choice for laminate. Many cleaning pads and even sponges are actually mildly abrasive, and this can cause just as much damage as the abrasive cleaners discussed above. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a microfibre or other soft cloth on hand to wipe any spills or perform general cleaning.


Don’t Forget to Dry:


Finally, if you want a streak free finish, don’t forget to dry your laminated kitchen doors after cleaning. While a little water is not likely to harm the finish, it may cause a streaky finish to develop. So, once you’ve finished cleaning, use a soft towel to dry off your doors and gently buff back to perfection.


If you’re considering laminated doors, you should speak to us. As a reputable laminated doors manufacturer, you can rely on The Kitchen Door Company to provide you with the highest quality laminate kitchen cabinet doors. You’ll also find our team ready to answer any queries and provide care advice to ensure that your new kitchen continues to look its best.

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