Flooring Considerations To Make Your New Home Look Perfect     by   Austate Removals

14 May 2020

When building a home, no matter if it's your first time or you have done this heaps, there is always new flooring products on the market and if get your floor decisions wrong your house can go from designer home to just average...

Tricks to Paint the Interior Doors and Decorate your House     by   Jon martin

12 May 2020

Unless you live in a completely open loft, interior doors are a key element in any home. They protect our interiors, isolate them from the rest of the house when we want, and give us privacy if we need it. Today we are going to show you how you can turn them into a very decorative resource...

Councils offering online sustainable living series     by   Anna Hayes

12 May 2020

Get some tips for your DIY projects in a new webinar series. The City of Stonnington is partnering with the City of Glen Eira, City of Port Phillip and City of Yarra to deliver an online sustainable living series...

Remodelling On A Budget: All You Need To Know About Cheap Yet Beautiful Bathroom Designs     by   Olive Smith

11 May 2020

Being innovative on a budget sounds like it’s impossible, but that’s quite far from the truth. Whether you’re remodelling your entire home or simply looking for minor changes in your bathroom, it’s important to know how to use your budget to complement your space to be the best it can be...

10 Dizzy Interior Design Tips     by   Algedra Interior Design

10 May 2020

Decorating a house may seem daunting at first. Finding a harmonious plan that is easy to follow is just as difficult. There are some things to keep in mind when designing and decorating your home to make your vision a reality...

Different Ideas to Renovate your Home     by   Robert Alex

09 May 2020

Renovating the home many times can make our perspective of life change as the design and environment of the house is transformed, try to make these changes in the house with an open mind to a new way of looking at life...

Serious About Your Gaming? How to Choose the Best Gaming Desk For You      by   Elison Evan

09 May 2020

Gaming is serious business and requires a serious gaming desk to help meet the demands of the game. But how to choose the best one for you? Your desk will be the foundation of your entire gaming station...

Bathroom Renovation And Additional Options To Look For A Home Styling     by   AMG Quality Constructions

08 May 2020

Many times one room of the house that seems to be overlooked in the bathroom and at that time it is necessary to plan for bathroom renovations Surrey hills. At everyone’s home, the bathroom is one room had a person tend to visit the most...

6 Tips for Painting Your House While Working on a Ladder Safely     by   Carl Lensing

08 May 2020

Whether you are repairing your roof or painting the wall, a ladder is what you need the most. Managing a home renovation project is nearly impossible when you do not have the required tools, like ladders. Climbing ladders while painting the house, is not that easy as it sounds...


Build Your Own DIY Indoor Waterfall Like A Pro     by   Elison Evan

06 May 2020

Name a better duo than a cosy night and water dripping sound from an indoor waterfall with a warm cup of beverage. Indoor water walls are the royal piece to any house interior and the water running sound is proven to be a relaxation for nerves...

The Colours of Sanity in a time of lockdown     by   Anna Hayes

05 May 2020

Wattyl has shared some insights on turning your home into a relaxing haven. Ordinarily, our home is a sanctuary, the place we leave walk into in the evening to relax and spend time with loved ones...


What Happens When Building Your Home Goes Wrong     by   AirBNB Management

04 May 2020

If you’ve been looking for a home property to buy, then you probably know how difficult it is to find something that perfectly embodies your dream home, a place where you can live forever...

4 Things to Take Care of While Installing Gas Appliances     by   Elison Evan

01 May 2020

Electronics consumes a lot of units, is expensive in the pocket and leaves a huge carbon footprint. People choose a gas appliance over an electronic appliance due to potential units efficiency and it is also cost-effective and to an extent eco friendly as well...


What Are The Security Benefits Of Double Glazing Windows?     by   Double Glazing Windows-Weatherall Windows

01 May 2020

Protect yourself under the roof of double glazing products which are incredibly useful for home-based in cold weather conditions. Double Glazing Windows Melbourne allows boosting energy and even have become more demandable...

Indoor plants for your Interior Design     by   Luxedesign by DAT

30 April 2020

In today’s living environment, especially if you are in a very busy and active city, there is a small percentage of chances to alleviate the stress. Nature gives this natural feeling of relaxation that every weary soul needs...

Outdoor blinds that have us in Aw(ning)!     by   BUILD

29 April 2020

Outdoor blinds are very versatile. External awnings offer both air flow control and sun protection, effectively shading the windows of your home to aid in temperature management. Their ability to block out a harsh sun during the summer also results in savings on cooling systems...

Greening your balcony     by   BUILD

29 April 2020

Now, more than ever, having an outdoor space is vital. In these COVID-19 times, those of us who are lucky enough to have an outdoor space should feel truly lucky...


Don't get complacent on home safety     by   BUILD

29 April 2020

Make sure your pool is properly secured. Building and Energy is urging parents of young kids to be extra vigilant about potential hazards as youngsters spend more time at home due to COVID-19...

The garage – suddenly the most versatile room in the house!     by   BUILD

29 April 2020

The garage is a versatile room in these pandemic times. Many families are experiencing a strange new world of having everyone at home all day, every day...


Quick questions regarding cleaning your air conditioning filters     by   All Air Services

28 April 2020

Now that you have plenty of time on your hand and are stuck at home, what about doing a little bit of cleaning? By now you've probably been in isolation for a few weeks and boredom might have finally taken over your day...